MILCAR – Mercedes AMG ice driving

“Mercedes Benz AMG driving academy” focuses on testing the latest high performance Mercedes Benz AMG cars on extreme conditions.

The adventure was full of suspense, it started after the arrival of the Motorshow team to Arjeplog – Sweden, after going through 3 consecutive flights, with the last Airbus plane flight landing on snow.

The Motorshow team arrived to the AMG Lodge, located on a mountain top overlooking a panoramic view of highlands, valleys and snow, exceptionally cozy .
And after a short break, training courses started, the leading instructor, Bernd Schneider, who has competed in various kinds of racing, from carting to Formula 1, and who has especially excelled in GTS Racing in Germany and had five championship wins under his sleeves. Bernd Schneider has also participated next to Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg in the AMG Driving performance 2013 (in the video below).

His first instruction was DSC off (Dynamic Stability Control) implying that they didn’t want any electronic or mechanical equipment to help the drivers handle their cars. With the DSC off, the drivers were only dependent on the tires and their skills.

After some training, the team has managed to take control over the cars quite well and were given the green light to test the limit of their skills under the eyes, tips and advice of Bernd Schneider .

The serious work started the next day afternoon when the trainees turned into racers, every participant competed with a time attack lap against the others.

After the timed laps the drivers took a lunch break in a cottage near the track and there the results of the race were announced.

Instructor Schneider himself got the fastest lap on the track with 1 minute and 28 seconds, while the Lebanese team has proven its skills with 1:0222 and 1:1438783 respectively.

Enjoy the movie and the pictures below,



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